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Supercharge Batteries 


SuperCharge Automotive batteries are the products of engineering minds of Modbury Battery & Electrical promising life, speed and great performance to the car owners. These are varieties of automotive batteries with each providing low or free maintenance and services. 

Maintenance Free Battery

Fit and Drive -These SuperCharge batteries would super charge your cars without having to worry about top-up water. They are composed of EXG calcium plates which increase the life, double the battery shelf and reduce the water loss making a unique powering device for your car. Fit these batteries in your cars and drive tense free on any roads of Australia or in adverse conditions.

SuperCharge GOLD PLUS

  •  It comes with 40 Months Warranty
  •  Sealed Expanded Calcium Maintenance Free
  •  Top of the Line Great Premium Battery
  •  Great Life & Increased Power provided by SNT Technology
  •  Fully Sealed without requirement of Maintenance
  •  Best for heavy duty vehicles.
supercharge gold plus battery


  •  Sealed Expanded Calcium MF
  •  30 Months Warranty
  •  Consistently high starting power and reserve capacity
  •  Fully sealed Maintenance Free 
  •  For consumer vehicles  
supercharge silver plus battery


Modbury battery & Electrical are regularly operating on SuperCharge Batteries for building up in technology delivering advanced performance, trust and warranty coverage. Its 4WD variety comes in different sizes to get fitted in the different models of 4WD vehicles powered with Expanded Calcium Grid Technology.   

SuperCharge Gold Plus 4WD

  •  Sealed Expanded Calcium Maintenance Free
  •  36 Months Warranty
  •  Top of the line sealed premium battery
  •  Superior life & Enhanced power provided by SNT technology
  •  Fully sealed maintenance free
  •  For heavy duty vehicle use
supercharge gold plus 4wd battery


  •  Sealed Expanded Calcium MF
  •  Comes with 30 Months Warranty
  •  Affordable price range
  •  High starting power and reserve capacity
  •  Fully sealed maintenance free
  •  For everyday vehicle use
supercharge silver plus 4wd battery

Truck Battery

Truck Master 4WD

  •  Accessible Expanded Calcium MF
  •  24 Months Warranty
  •  Highly durable in extreme conditions
  •  Superior in starting power & reserve capacity
  •  Hybrid dual alloy techno
truck master battery

FourWheel Drive Battery 

AllRounder 4WD

  •  Dual purpose
  •  12 months Warranty
  •  High cranking and cyclic ability
  •  High heat and vibration tolerance for long life
  •  Lesser expanses for self-discharge
allrounder 4wd battery

Truck Accessible Battery

The Truck Master range is a technologically equipped innovation to deal with any kinds of roads of Australia and adverse conditions. It is powered by Antimony Positive plate and the Calcium Negative Plate which increases the life of the battery and receives best charge rate than any other battery increasing its durability.    

Truck Master

  •  Expanded Calcium MF
  •  24 Months Warranty 
  •  Enhanced durability in adverse conditions 
  •  Superior Starting power & Reserve Capacity
  •  Hybrid Dual Alloy Technology
truck master battery

Marine battery 

SuperCharge marine is developed with the Expanded Grid Technology (EXG) making it one of the highly demanded and used batteries in the marine industry. It is highly energy driven providing the marine divers power to sail through the rough seas and meet their ongoing application needs.

Marine Maintenance Free Battery

SuperCharge Free Maintenance Battery has highly rated power and maximum reserve capacity giving it a long life. It is a nonstop runner battery to energize your marine life with durability and power to overcome any sea turbulences, vibrations or shocks. It comes with long warranty and guarantees period without the requirement for top-up water making it a superb fit for your tense free shipping or boating experience.  

SeaMaster GOLD

  •  Maintenance Free
  •  24 Months Warranty
  •  Premium, extra heavy duty marine battery 
  •  Fully Sealed Maintenance-Free
  •  Vibration resistance
seamaster gold battery


SuperCharge starting plus deep cycle batteries are used for a vast number of purposes to suit the needs of the consumers. The difference is how much power is delivered and how long it needs to be delivered.

Deep Cycle Batteries

SuperCharge Deep cycle batteries are best for the electrical accessories like trolling motors, lights or winches. It is created to give the steady level of power and that too for a longer period of time.


  •  Deep Cycle
  •  12 Months Warranty
  •  Double strength, durability and reserve capacity
  •  Accessible battery design
  •  Minimal self-discharge rate
  •  Available in different sizes to suit stand-by and fitted in mobility applications.
amp tech battery

MRV Batteries

These SuperCharge starting and deep cycle batteries have capabilities and power to resist and retain regular loads of accessories. These batteries have Expanded Calcium Grid Technology to face high temperature, vibration and deliver high cranking power and reserve capacity.


  •  12 Months Warranty
  •  Superior cranking and cyclic ability
  •  Improved heat and vibration tolerance for long service life
  •  Minimal self-discharge rate
allrounder battery
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